Place Branding and City Branding Conferences 2014

Here is the short list of the conferences coming up. Please email me if you have any other conferences we should add to the list (I know that a few more conferences will launch their information early in the year). Finally, the last conference listed here is our initiative to bring the global community of place branding experts to America as most conferences are now launching in Asia and Europe. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me. At the very least, please tell us in which PLACE you would like to be for your conference.

Also, I wanted to send a shout out to all the consultants and editorial teams and social media content marketers that are keeping us all aware of place branding developments. You are all part of a growing movement that is really taking shape. Yes!

Here is the short list:
“April 23, 2014 marks the date for the Nordic Place Branding Conference 2014 – one of the most important events in the Nordic region for professionals working on place branding and place attractiveness. This year’s conference features inspiring speakers who will present a number of internationally recognised cases about place branding, destination marketing, talent attraction and investment promotion from the Nordic countries and beyond. For the fifth consecutive year, the Nordic Place Branding Conference will be held at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden, making it easy to fly in for the day to attend. Participants will benefit from first-hand insights, advice and inspiration from practitioners who will be sharing experiences that can be applied to other cities or regions.”
“Operated by Sciences Po Aix in partnership with the CoManaging consultancy and founded by the French local authorities, the “Regional Attractiveness & Place Marketing” chair is the first “regional chair” dedicated to attractiveness and new regional marketing practices throughout the world. It has a strong focus on innovation and follows an operational approach to regional marketing, addressing all attractiveness issues, whether increasing the ability of territories to develop and promote their offers or attracting new stakeholders and capital.”
“Welcome to MYPLACE MYBRAND Summit 2013, the world’s largest congregation of the sense of place industry, with diverse delegates and audiences consisting of leaders, experts, practitioners, consultants, governmental officials, academicians and other stakeholders. The atmosphere will be energising, challenging and inspiring. The Summit theme “Embracing the Asian Century” highlights that the rise of Asia is an opportunity of our lifetime to promote promote sustainable sense of place initiatives. The Summit will showcase that place making and place branding activities are inextricably linked to biodiversity, people and economy. At the Summit you will have firsthand about new perspectives and ideas that are providing new approach for place making and place branding. Working with communities and governments, and across sectors and country borders, the Summit will demonstrate that it is possible to bring about the changes necessary for a positive future of our place – village, town, city, state, country, region and our world.”
“The overall theme for DBM-V is “BUILDING ENDURING PLACE BRANDS” which draws upon the myriad challenges many destinations and communities now face in a moment-obsessed, social-media savvy world and where originality and lasting authenticity of place brands becomes increasingly difficult to achieve. How can place brands last longer? What makes place brands enduring? In order to overcome the ephemeral nature of tourism marketing and destination branding campaigns, destinations need to build on place-branding strategies that respect community identity and values but at the same time deliver lasting value and strong impact through the immense social media clutter and an instant-messaging culture. If your current practice, interest, or research touches upon this or other related theme, we invite you to join the stimulating discussion and debates that DBM-V will stage for this purpose. See you in Macau!”
“The Experience Agency is establishing a multi disciplinary task force focused on collaborating with various public and private institutions based in America to establish a western centric place branding, place making, city branding, and destination branding conference. This conference will have the aim of defining and articulating advancements in the American context. It will also invite place branding professionals from the rest of the world to share and collaborate in the American context. Universities and governments, both local, regional, and country will be involved in sponsoring the Place Branding Conference. Beyond the typical call for papers and expert presenters, this conference seeks to provide attendees with place branding experiences. Please contact organizers for more details.”